Friday, November 12, 2010

Jewels are jewels but this sisterhood is the real gem

I was amazed to realize that I have not been out dancing for over 20 years !

Today was the annual HoHo Event in Middletown Md.

I signed up to go because it was only about a half hour from my home. Driving down the road to Middletown was truly had been years since I drove that road !

I've never been to an event like this, so, I really did not know what to expect.

I wear my jewelry to the max anyway , but today, I added a glittery jacket and my husband stood in the doorway , mouth open, not sure what to say. I assured him everyone would be dressed this way..and that it really was all event for women to enjoy dressing up, enjoy each other's company and a wonderful meal.

I found the Middletown Golf Club and was very happy to see a lady in a red hat standing outside... I yelled to her to please wait for me, and I clipperty clopped in my fancy high heels to her..I love shoes, why can't they make high heels as comfortable as they are beautiful ?

We greeted each other and after introducing ourselves, we entered the huge building.

Well, my eyes surely could have jumped out of their sockets if they could.

Beautiful women everywhere..there had to have been at least 100 women..everyone smiling, everyone happy..and jewels ! Oh my, I wanted to hug everyone and talk jewelry...I was star struck !

I was in Heaven !

I am not a shy person, so, naturally I walked up to as many women as I could to just drool over their attire.

I was amazed...I was like a kid on Christmas Day...I felt as though I was in Hollywood attending a premier.

Huge chandleiers lit , and the huge room had facing mirrors...everything was glamour to the max. The women at my table won my heart immediately.

When you can connect to a room full of strangers and feel the love, the joy, and see the beauty...well, it was intoxicating.

I do not drink, and truthfully , I felt drunk with happiness anyway.

I was so happy, that I forgot who I was, where I was, and really did not care.

I heard the music and danced. While I danced , I had my brother and my sister in my heart.

We would go dancing at the clubs for years...and dance and dance.

My Sister and I would dress up, and my dear brother would meet us wherever there was a band playing..or a juke box, who cared, as long as we could dance.

And lo and behold, the dearest little lady came on the floor and danced with me.

They say she is 79 years young.

It was an honor she sought me out, and became my partner. She was so little I could have tucked her under my hat and take her home with me LOL

And so dear ladies. Here lies the point to this long blog.

Last summer I was surfing the net , looking for a social site to post a blog once in a while, post photos of things in my shop...maybe even post a video once in a while. To keep my name in the search engine I am very active with networking. And I happened upon this site, LOTH. And when I need a break from all my on line chores, I stop in here.

It was to be you see.

I enjoyed myself today so much, it was as though I stepped back into time. And, it felt wonderful.

I truly thank you all for being the wonderful ladies you are.

If I were to bottle happiness, glamour , sisterhood, and love, the bottle would be filled with each and every one of you.

Best wishes, Linda

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