Sunday, September 26, 2010

Youtube videos connect to vintage and antiques what's it all about

Youtube has been around a long time.

Now, antique to vintage sellers are beginning to realize they can use youtube to their advantage.

Ruby Lane was the first site to offer a talking person video titled Linda's Shop Talk. This talk gives tips to help improve sales.

That's only the beginning.

It's time to show your faces, connect with the Internet world face to face.

In the old days, 7-11 convenience stores were on every corner. Along comes a super looking , I got to go there , Sheetz stores and 7-11 has become a blur.

Target stores has become the super store they are because of their fabulous advertising graphics. The store itself is set up the same as other stores, but those fabulous TV ads...that's the draw.

Don't get lost in the shuffle.

If you are an on line vendor, writer or whatever, go the extra step.

Do a video. Go beyond the photos of items set to music, get in front of that camera and talk.

Vintage shop owners are the best type of shop owners. They are survivors , they are what America has preached always, that you are free to be the best you can be.

Vintage shop owners were actually the first to say, quit throwing good things away, recycle. Reuse,  vintage is not only better made, but has stood the test of time.

Don't let your site or shop continue to run as vintage, perk it, do that video.

After finally learning how to do a one on one video, I promise you will be hooked, you will love it. Here's the latest Linda's Shop Talk video, see, I am finally enjoying it because I finally know how to relax and just talk to you, one on one

If the people on youtube become famous for doing weird unusual stuff, you can become the shop to visit because you do the youtube :-)

The best is yet to come.

From me to you, now, that's a cut :-)

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