Friday, December 31, 2010

RC's Treasure Hunts & More: I Antique On Line powerful collectibles vintage ning needs you to be 6,000th member

RC's Treasure Hunts & More: I Antique On Line powerful collectibles vintage ning needs you to be 6,000th member

I Antique On Line powerful collectibles vintage ning needs you to be 6,000th member

Theres power in numbers.
That's right, we all know that.
Do you enjoy collecting ? This is the place to go to find antiques and collectibles, learn about antiques and collectibles , and talk about antiques and collectibles.
Be where the action is.
This is the Grandaddy of the ning groups.

You can sit at your computer all day into the night and find things you never thought you would find on this site.
And if you sell, you need this ning.
Iantiqueonline is trying to reach the 6,000 members mark before the strike of mindnight. That's right, they want to bring the New Year in with that amazing number, 6,000.
Will you help ? After all , it's FREE
And, if you are already a member, come on, let's do this.
All members of iantiqueonline salute your site and get the 6,000th member signed up.
It can happen , but only if you help.
Let's do this and do it today, not next year :-)
Show iantiqueonline how much you LOVE this site

Monday, December 27, 2010

A vintage gift that is display ready for your home decor wins the heart always

Gift wrap , ribbons , even greeting cards need not fill your local landfill. As a matter of fact, you should save all of this for other projects.

The little gift shown in the photo consists of vintage items that was put together to present as a display ready gift.

A glass bowl holds the items
A vintage doily lines the bowl
A vintage pin cushion is perfect for the antique doll
The antique baby cup holds the doll straight with the help of
tissue tucked inside the cup
The Lilac ribbon holds everything in place

This wonderful gift is ready to give , and it was.
The receiver of the gift will put it in her cabinet just as you see it.

The only major cost was the little antique doll , which can be brought on the net these days for less than $ 50

The saying , never throw anything away , can be good advice.

The other items that created this beautiful gift were items that can be found in your own cabinets , or on the net or antique shops.

Have fun creating wonderful one of a kind gifts for your loved ones or friends for a next to nothing cost.

The gift that is created by you , is a gift from the heart and cannot be brought in stores

From me to you , enjoy everyday like it's a holiday , because it is.

Decorator's Touch home decor with silverplate silver plate items

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blog Talk Radio on Ruby Lane hear the shop owner talk shop

One of the latest most fabulous concepts on line is Blog Talk Radio.

Ruby Lane has added Blog Talk Radio to their blog page.

It's fascinating , because the person interviewed is usually an on line shop owner.

I absolutely love hearing the voice of the shop owner. I helps make the connection of the shop to the owner.

The link provided is the most recent Blog Talk on Ruby Lane...the interview is with Beth Pulsipher.

Beth Pulsipher of Red Moon Antiques on Ruby Lane is an experienced antique dealer that also once had a brick and mortar shop.

Many of us that sell on line know Beth through Twitter , FaceBook and so forth. She is not only a fabulous shop owner, but truly a wonderful person.

Her personality can be heard in the interview , she is not only knowledgeable on many subjects, but also able to talk one on one as though actually talking to you, the listener.

Click on the link that will take you to this live ( when posted on the
blog ) Blog Talk Radio interview with Beth , I promise you will enjoy it.

Keeping you informed with what's the latest on line ,

from me to you,

Linda Caricofe

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday message to one and all

So quiet was the night
The chill of winter had sliced through the land
quick and sharp as a knife
One Star lit the skies above ,
larger than the moon , so very bright
No one noticed as they slept
As Angels above sang their songs
The world was silent but the Heavens brilliant
with Angels singing ,
while each held a candle
lit with the love of the one we know
Not Santa Claus , no no , but the one in our hearts
the one in our soul
The one who created all that exists and will
forever be
The Holy one , no matter what name you call
The Holy One will hear you , one and all
So, may you sleep well this silent night
and be blessed as the skies above herald in
this season we all hold dear
Happy Holidays to all my friends on line and off
Thank you for being who you are
and thank you for friends near and far

Saturday, December 18, 2010

RC's Treasure Hunts & More: Christmas outside where there's snow

RC's Treasure Hunts & More: Christmas outside where there's snow

Christmas The secret of the Christmas Tree

The air is brisk , you can see your breath.
The evergreen trees are dressed in white.
Look at those evergreen trees , look deep and within.
A spot of Red will appear, right before your eyes, it's the beautiful Red Cardinal bird who enjoys the game of let's hide.
But what you will not see is hidden deep within that beautiful evergreen tree.
A little gray bundle, whose tail is over his body like a blanket. He's snuggled in the crook of the branch by the trunk of the tree.
It's a Squirrel, that character we all know.
Squirrels are very smart you see , and that's why their play can cause you misery.
They enjoy digging in your flower pots , and such glee to get into the bird feeder, oh my, that's the tree Squirrels' antics that's such fun if you just look and see.
This Christmas , while you are preparing your feast for your family and friends , if there's an evergreen tree somewhere near,
please put some raw peanuts under that tree.
Or , walnuts, oh my, now that would be a real treat, indeed.
Even a few kernels of corn would be nice to tuck hidden under that tree.
Christmas is a time for giving. Giving from the heart.
And if you see that evergreen tree , let your heart give to the creatures that might live there, hidden in that tree.
We are on this little planet together , and most times it's the dear creatures outside that are not thought of.
Punky Squirrel wishes all a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate. Punky Squirrel also wishes good will and peace to ALL on earth, and to ALL on earth good cheer.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No Santa Claus , no Easter Bunny

Merry Christmas in the 1950's was a true slice of American apple pie. Children believed in Santa Claus till almost a teen.
The fantasy of the North Pole and that wonderful man in the red suit made December the longest month of the year. The first day of December was a countdown to Christmas Day.
The music really was in the air , people singing , bells ringing.
Church for children was always a dull Sunday affair, however, come December, even church became a fabulous place for children to be.
Mom would have Dad find the fattest wide it would fill the corner of the room. So tall, the angel tree topper would be bent forward due to her halo touching the ceiling .
A miniature village would be errected under the tree, complete with the Lionel train set going around the village under that fat Christmas tree.
The excitment of the coming Christmas morning is an emotion I can still feel in my heart to this day.
Then the years went by, the 1950's era gone...into the 1960's and on and on.
By that time of course , the legend of Santa Claus was revealed to be a story, same as the Easter Bunny...oh, and the tooth fairy too...all gone, never were, and yet, my heart still holds that joy.
So, every December , it never fails , my heart does a happy dance as my mind plays those scenes of my childhood from the 50's era.
And I still hear Santa's voice , oh yes I do, as he rides his sleigh high in the air,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
And then my heart smiles and my soul fills with the sweet memories

RC's Treasure Hunts & More: Preview "No Santa Claus , no Easter Bunny"

RC's Treasure Hunts & More: Preview "No Santa Claus , no Easter Bunny"

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Tradition feed the animals first

I live in Hagerstown , Md.
in an old neighborhood that was once beautiful woods.
There's a wonderful old park down the hill from my house.
The beautiful woods that was once a habitat to many creatures has disappeared due to creating a housing developement. Gone are the turtles and frogs that once hid from view. Gone is the Snowy Owl that was a long time visitor before flying back North.
But, the Ducks still inhabit the small pond and stream.
Years ago, a few white farm ducks were dropped off there and they have made a wonderful home at that small pond. They are a favorite to many people that live here.
Every year on Thanksgiving morning, as soon as the sun peeks over the hill, I start my Thanksgiving tradition by going to the pond to feed the ducks.
Shelled corn , a gallon bucket of shelled corn is enjoyed by the farm Ducks and whatever Mallard or wild ducks are still there. I also tuck some raw peanuts in the shell here and there in the bushes for whatever Squirrels may have survived the Spring and Summer.
Most times , I'm very sad to say , the Squirrels are run over by cars going too fast on the road that curves around the park.
It's a wonderful start to my holiday season that I hold most dear.
This morning welcomed me with a downpour of rain, icy rain.
I was undecided about venturing out , but preservance over ruled.
My holiday tradition must begin with feeding those ducks.
Sure enough , as soon as I arrived to the park , I got out of my car, and called, " Quackers, come on Quackers "( my pet name for these Ducks ).
The farm Ducks ran to me as though I was Santa Claus with gifts. The wild Ducks looked on as though to think, who is this strange creature with the bucket ?
And then, as soon as I started pouring the corn to the ground, even they came running to me.
It was then I noticed the rain had stopped.
A wonderful sensation of peace flooded my soul , and the smile in my heart reached my lips as I looked to the sky above , and I thanked my God for the blessings , the many blessing of my life.
And so, my holiday tradition has begun.
Happy holidays to all, to each and everyone that lives upon this Earth that we all share.
From me to you , may the your holiday tradition touch your heart and soul as deeply as mine touches mine.
Best wishes , Linda

Friday, November 12, 2010

Jewels are jewels but this sisterhood is the real gem

I was amazed to realize that I have not been out dancing for over 20 years !

Today was the annual HoHo Event in Middletown Md.

I signed up to go because it was only about a half hour from my home. Driving down the road to Middletown was truly had been years since I drove that road !

I've never been to an event like this, so, I really did not know what to expect.

I wear my jewelry to the max anyway , but today, I added a glittery jacket and my husband stood in the doorway , mouth open, not sure what to say. I assured him everyone would be dressed this way..and that it really was all event for women to enjoy dressing up, enjoy each other's company and a wonderful meal.

I found the Middletown Golf Club and was very happy to see a lady in a red hat standing outside... I yelled to her to please wait for me, and I clipperty clopped in my fancy high heels to her..I love shoes, why can't they make high heels as comfortable as they are beautiful ?

We greeted each other and after introducing ourselves, we entered the huge building.

Well, my eyes surely could have jumped out of their sockets if they could.

Beautiful women everywhere..there had to have been at least 100 women..everyone smiling, everyone happy..and jewels ! Oh my, I wanted to hug everyone and talk jewelry...I was star struck !

I was in Heaven !

I am not a shy person, so, naturally I walked up to as many women as I could to just drool over their attire.

I was amazed...I was like a kid on Christmas Day...I felt as though I was in Hollywood attending a premier.

Huge chandleiers lit , and the huge room had facing mirrors...everything was glamour to the max. The women at my table won my heart immediately.

When you can connect to a room full of strangers and feel the love, the joy, and see the beauty...well, it was intoxicating.

I do not drink, and truthfully , I felt drunk with happiness anyway.

I was so happy, that I forgot who I was, where I was, and really did not care.

I heard the music and danced. While I danced , I had my brother and my sister in my heart.

We would go dancing at the clubs for years...and dance and dance.

My Sister and I would dress up, and my dear brother would meet us wherever there was a band playing..or a juke box, who cared, as long as we could dance.

And lo and behold, the dearest little lady came on the floor and danced with me.

They say she is 79 years young.

It was an honor she sought me out, and became my partner. She was so little I could have tucked her under my hat and take her home with me LOL

And so dear ladies. Here lies the point to this long blog.

Last summer I was surfing the net , looking for a social site to post a blog once in a while, post photos of things in my shop...maybe even post a video once in a while. To keep my name in the search engine I am very active with networking. And I happened upon this site, LOTH. And when I need a break from all my on line chores, I stop in here.

It was to be you see.

I enjoyed myself today so much, it was as though I stepped back into time. And, it felt wonderful.

I truly thank you all for being the wonderful ladies you are.

If I were to bottle happiness, glamour , sisterhood, and love, the bottle would be filled with each and every one of you.

Best wishes, Linda

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Old-Fashioned Charm: Why This Post?

Old-Fashioned Charm: Why This Post?: "Because I adore Autumn colors! Because I so enjoy an Autumn walk crunching through fallen leaves! Because I am always thrilled wit..."

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vintage antique home decor vintage is forever timeless

Although style trends change from year to year , antiques to vintage have survived the test of time. Family heirlooms are still cherished for the treasures they are. The fact that a family has passed an item down from generation to generation has always been a tradition and one that never fails to touch my heart. The collector is still actively collecting even in this slow ecomony , only not as actively as before. But, you can view the auction sites and see that collectors are holding onto their items instead of cashing in because after all, when one collects , it's a joy and a fabulous addition to the home. Home decor has become the most popular revenue for sellers ( besides costume jewelry ). Home decor has a become a hobby. I think there are more people enjoying creating their own home decor style than before. The home decor magazines are still enjoyed as a beginning point, but, when I go out to the antique shops and malls around here lately I am very happy to say, people are shopping for things to add to their home's decor. So, it does not matter that the housing market has gone down. What does matter is that most of us still have a roof over our heads, and we are still creating a cozy nest to rest our heads. Home sweet home appears to be as true today as yesterday. From me to you , your home is where your heart is Be sure to stop in and browse my shops to see what you can find for your home today or RC Antiquestoo on Ruby Plaza.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vintage Jazz created blend updated music style of today nascent is in the house

A few months ago while in search of ning networks to link my RC Antiques shop to and to research for Linda's Shop Talk on Ruby Lane video series , I happened upon , This is Vintage Now .

Not only is this a facebook page you should fan , ,
but there's so much more.

The graphics of  Caro Emerald's album draws your attention, but when you click to hear her songs , her voice is true jazz. ( this is a youtube entry, you will love it )
The kind of voice that makes your hips sway while your lips hum the tunes.
My favorite, " Lipstick on your collar " has become a favorite of everyone I tweeted it to.

This blog introduces you to the actual compilation complete with links.

Caro Emerald is my favorite, but you will find others that will strike your fancy too.

Click  on this link and enjoy everything David Gasten has created to promote this fabulous music by these talented artists

There you will see many more, not just Caro Emerald.

Vintage Life Magazine will also feature This is Vintage Now ,  the nascent movement  is fast becoming popular everywhere.

A new style incorporating swing and jazz from the 1940's to 1960's era.

Although music is a topic I have never discussed, this compilation deserves to be heard.

Remember, if I love it, you will too. Not for Punk Rockers, or the likes of that , but for fabulous rich vocals with a beat that is a real treat. From me to you , the beat goes on

Latest Shop Talk video a little something special to say thank you

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ning road sign Esty Cottage vintage ning

I have happened upon a most beautiful ning. Perfect for those who love vintage cottage decor, artists who enjoy shabby chic, and those of us the love the romance of feminine design for a cozy home decor. Here's the link,
Enjoy the view and remember, enjoy the ning groups, it is a community of people that like the same things, sellers and shoppers both come together to enjoy the view, shop or talk, it's all wishes, Linda of RC Antiques

Visit Etsy Cottage Style

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Youtube videos connect to vintage and antiques what's it all about

Youtube has been around a long time.

Now, antique to vintage sellers are beginning to realize they can use youtube to their advantage.

Ruby Lane was the first site to offer a talking person video titled Linda's Shop Talk. This talk gives tips to help improve sales.

That's only the beginning.

It's time to show your faces, connect with the Internet world face to face.

In the old days, 7-11 convenience stores were on every corner. Along comes a super looking , I got to go there , Sheetz stores and 7-11 has become a blur.

Target stores has become the super store they are because of their fabulous advertising graphics. The store itself is set up the same as other stores, but those fabulous TV ads...that's the draw.

Don't get lost in the shuffle.

If you are an on line vendor, writer or whatever, go the extra step.

Do a video. Go beyond the photos of items set to music, get in front of that camera and talk.

Vintage shop owners are the best type of shop owners. They are survivors , they are what America has preached always, that you are free to be the best you can be.

Vintage shop owners were actually the first to say, quit throwing good things away, recycle. Reuse,  vintage is not only better made, but has stood the test of time.

Don't let your site or shop continue to run as vintage, perk it, do that video.

After finally learning how to do a one on one video, I promise you will be hooked, you will love it. Here's the latest Linda's Shop Talk video, see, I am finally enjoying it because I finally know how to relax and just talk to you, one on one

If the people on youtube become famous for doing weird unusual stuff, you can become the shop to visit because you do the youtube :-)

The best is yet to come.

From me to you, now, that's a cut :-)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ning vintage ning antique ning RC Antiques has posted another road sign to Ning

Antique to vintage , buyer or seller , surfing the net can reveal fabulous sites.
 Many people have not discovered Ning sites.
Ning sites are a fabulous way to find shops that offer antique to vintage, and they are wonderful sites to enjoy visiting . Buyers and sellers leave thoughts or blogs on ning sites. They are groups you can join to learn more about the  things you are collecting or are considering of collecting or buying. Need information about grandma's teapot ? Join a Ning site and find out free from the sellers there. Everyone on ning sites relate to each other. And it's FREE . This ning site is well established and I highly recommend it. Don't miss the ning sites...once you do find them, you will agree, doing the Ning is a fabulous way to enjoy shopping and talking.
Here's the link,
From me to you, directing you to the Vintage Village a place you will truly enjoy

Friday, September 10, 2010

Money make it enjoy it pave the yellow brick road to your shop

So, you opened your on line shop and you wonder , when are the orders going to come in ?
That's exactly what most people do.
 Having an on line shop is a totally different concept than having an auction on ebay.
You have a shop, you are in charge of your success.
So, are you still sitting there , wondering, why your items are not selling ?
Location , location , location , is the rule of thumb for brick and mortar shops...
Networking is the key to on line shops. Thanks to Ning networks , networking is fun , and it's free !
Ruby Lane as taken an extra step that is very important. It is the first on line site to offer a talking video , offering suggestions to sellers on how to improve their shop.
Instead of a professional actor, they asked me, if I thought I could create a series of videos.
Now, first , let me say, I never held a video camera, and had no idea of how one would get a video into a computer.
I do enjoy writing , so, I did have that going for me. And, I have been in sales most of my adult life. And, I love to talk shop , always did.
So, I write the script , produce it , edit it , and submit it to a wonderful Ruby Lane person who I consider my partner because she is able to tell me if something does not sound correct and so forth. And , she is the one that decides when the videos are released.
Shop Talk is a new concept. It is for all sellers everywhere , not just for Ruby Lane.
And , it's from a regular person, a regular seller , talking shop to you.
I am not a professional , instead , I am just like you.
I enjoy selling , and collecting , always have. So, a few days ago , the introduction video was released...and then , a few hours later , the first shop talk video was released.
It's an important video, because so many people , buyers and sellers , do not know about Ning groups. Enjoy the video, and you will learn how to do the ning. You will love it , it's people just like you...From me to you , here's the video

Country life memories meets today's Internet

Many memories of my childhood play like a movie in my head when I see some of the things in antique shops, or on line antique / vintage sites

The old wood rolling pin brings a scene of my Mother rolling out pie dough for the pies she baked for an Inn that was popular and well known far from it's location. People from the D.C. area would visit the mountains where I lived and when here, they would eat at The Greystone Inn , which was known for their homemade pies. Pies taken to the back door at the kitchen area of the Inn by my Mother. Proud as could be that she was the secret pie maker of that Inn.

The old wringer washing machine photo that is on one of the antique ning sites , created a scene in my mind of the cellar where we washed the clothes. 3 tubs , one wringer , and the hose on the bottom for the water to drain out the hole in the cement floor.

Beautiful stained glass never fails to tug at my heart strings due to the church that was next to our farm. They are huge filling up the 4 sides of the church, each with a biblical scene. Sometimes I drive up to the mountain where the church still stands to look at those windows to be sure they are real and not just a figment of my imagination.

Country living was harsh , but , it was the norm in those days unless you lived in a city.

Driving to town in a Chevy pick up truck to go out to eat, was actually going to the Tastee Freeze for an ice cream cone treat , or to Newberry's to sit at the counter and have a hot dog.

The grocery store was a meeting place. A small little shop with things that were staples, but also perks such as chips and pretzels. Dad would go in while my Brother and I would sit in the truck, knowing we would be there for a while because Dad loved to talk. It was safe to leave a child in a vehicle in those days, not frowned upon, because Fathers needed that little bit of social talk, and the little grocery store or hardware store was the place to meet. Our treat for being good was always a Hershey bar.

Even an empty can with a bale handle with the King Syrup Molasses syrup label plays a scene for me. It's my Grandfather coming to visit, carrying the can with home made sugar cookies made by my Grandmother who was wheelchair bound, so she would send sugar cookies as her hello.

I am lucky to have so many memories and treasure them as much as gold, well, to tell the truth, they are worth more than all the gold in the world to me.

And to grow up, to be in the antique business is a perk, a dream come true because movies in my head are wonderful repeats when my eyes see an item from my country childhood past.

The moutains where I lived are still housing developement free , the old farmhouse has fallen to the ground, and the huge beautiful barn burned down many years ago.

But my mind goes back there many times to visit the good ole days of the country life and the way times once where. As the scenes play in my head come to a close, I look down at my computer keyboard with a huge smile, and realize, it's wonderful to have those memories, and to share them with today's technology.

So having said that, I leave you with this little note, the country life was wonderful indeed, but life without my computer, no way , I sure do love my life today

Best wishes, RC Linda

Saturday, August 14, 2010

As time goes on , the era of heirlooms obsolete ?

Times are changing.

The computer, iphone, and whatever else everyone is carrying around these days has changed our society.

I am not talking doomsday like an old timer, I actually feel as though my computer is part of me, and I would not want to be without it.

Although I have embraced the computer age , I have also witness changes in attitude as far as family processions of estate. Otherwise, when the matriarch of a family passes on to the great beyond , families usually gather to sort through the items to " clean the house " so it can be sold.

This is also a good change , believe it or not. I have witnessed many families , including my parents generation , struggle with who gets what and why. Many families have spilt over estates of loved ones, not being able to accept the fact that Uncle Joe's ring went to his cousin's son rather than someone closer in line to Uncle Joe.

It is a good change because the items that are worth saving will go to collectors. Collectors that understand what the item really is and how to care for it, so it can be passed to another collector someday.

I know there are some things that most families will still have a tug of war over, but, it's a wonderful thought to know that things in an estate, are being sold, instead of held onto till someone in the family generations later forgets the story behind the item, and even who really was the original owner of the item, and has the burden of storing the item till it eventually becomes part of their estate, and the cycle continues.

The lesson here is, enjoy an item for what it does for you. Enjoy a ring because you love the way it looks on your finger. Enjoy the painting because it makes your eyes happy. Enjoy the wedding dress, not because it has been passed down through the family to you , and you have no idea who wore it , but enjoy it for it's beauty...if anything you inherit is stored away because your family insists it be given to the next person in line, you need to decide if it is really worth it. Something stored away from one generation to the next is rather sad if it is a beautiful object. It should be cherished and enjoyed.

Thanks to the computer age, I think the most precious treasure one can leave future generations is a personal video.

WHAT ! A video ! Have I lost my mind ! No, in fact, I have finally realized what is the most precious gift one can give their future generations.

Johnny Carson will always be remembered because now his programs are on somewhere in T.V. land always.

Be a Johnny Carson. Have someone video tape you doing something you usually do in your normal routine, look up at the camera, give a wave...whatever is the real you. If you are a ham, don't over do it, after all, you are not going to get an Emmy for your video...but, you will be remembered.

From me to you,
life is short, live it well, and in the end, be sure you are never up for bids in an auction :-)

Monday, August 9, 2010

RC Antiques Too on Ruby Plaza

Ruby Lane has created a fabulous sister site, Ruby Plaza. . It is now in what is called Beta Mode. That means they are still creating fabulous details, and ironing any tech  problems before launching the site. But, sellers are able to sell on the site now, and many are signing up. I love the new concept of Ruby Plaza so much that I signed up as soon as it was available. So, this entry is to let anyone out there know that I now have two shops on line , on Ruby Lane and     Remember the Wridgeley's gum commercial, double the pleasure, double the fun , that about sums it up here...2 shops, double the's too short not to have fun. From me to you, best wishes, Linda

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Tradition of Collecting Easter Items

I was very lucky to have been born to a woman who loved holidays to the max. My Mother was a farm wife. Work on a farm in those days was manual labor, a hard but rewarding life.

Every holiday was looked forward to as a big event. She was, a kid at heart, which is a trait of hers that I have thankfully inherited.

We lived in the mountains, below a church. Going to church every Sunday was a very short walk , so, one did not miss church.

But to be honest, my fondest memory of Easter is the way my Mother prepared for it. Yes, we had the huge meal...but, the tradition started with saving the egg shells. Instead of breaking the eggs we had for breakfast every morning, we would make a hole on one end, empty out the contents, then save the egg's shell...laying it on a rack in the summer kitchen to dry out. The week before Easter we would find a nice branch from a tree outside. Put it in a bucket of dirt ( we did not call it soil, we called it plain and simple, dirt ), bring it into the house. Dye the egg shells, string them, and hang them on the egg tree ( the branch found outside ). My Mother also made home made chocolate covered candy eggs. Big ones , trimmed in yummy colorful icing trim that were shaped like spring flowers...each had our name on icing. This would be placed in a huge Easter basket ( the same basket for each of us, used every year )...the Easter basket also had a few penny toys from the 5 & 10. So, naturally, when I grew up, collecting vintage Easter was a must. I have shown a few Easter items from my collection for you to enjoy. Rather you celebrate Easter or not, the items are sure to bring a smile to your face. The images of vintage Easter are truly happy images. After all, Easter heralds Spring...when the flowers come back to life in full bloom and the gray trees with no leaves create the miracle of leaves vivid with color once again. To those of you who celebrate Easter, Happy Easter to you from those of you that celebrate something else at this time of year, my greetings of Happy Spring to you too. The world is huge, we are small, let's all share this planet with the hope it will always renew every year with the lush vivid colors of Spring and the promise that miracles do happen.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Collecting Patriotic Colors for Your Home

I have always enjoyed looking at our American flag. My childhood home is above Fort Ritchie , which was once a camp for our servicemen. My husband is a retired Air Force Recruiter. Naturally, anything patriotic attracts us like a magnet. So, if you enjoy Patriotic items , but really do not know what to do with them, here are some suggestions. I have an old home with a foyer. The foyer is filled with items of Hagerstown ( where we live ), with Patriotic items mixed in. I installed a shelf above the archway to the next room. I placed an American flag on the shelf draping it over 2 old bicycle flag holders to create a swag. I added antique tins, a flag book, and I framed a sign using a piece of a flag for the back round. ( special mention, one should not cut a good flag ). If you live in home that has a stairway at the entrance, lucky you. Place patriotic theme prints along the wall going up the steps. The dowels to the banister is perfect to drape a flag, or to suspend interesting red white and blue items. I have an old showcase filled with old soldiers and other patriotic things. You do not need a show case to create the same affect. Instead of that set of china in your dining cabinet, fill that cabinet with the good ole red white and blue, put your dinnerware in the bottom closed door of the cabinet instead. Color welcomes the visitor, patriotic colors creates a tug at the heart..a proud tug. Put a blue and white gingham table cloth on your dining room table , a basket of flowers in the center and there you have it...a Patriotic collection to enjoy, and add color to your home at the same time. Remember, recycling is actually buying vintage and incorporating it into your home's decor. Buying collectibles is not just for the collector anymore, it is to enjoy using in your home. From me to you, let's wave that good ole Red White & Blue